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The Thai-Inspired collection began after an experience in Bangkok in 1998. I had only two days left of my journey before I had to return home. I was wandering the streets of Bangkok trying to absorb as much as possible of the incredibly rich street scene in the short time I had left. I came across a street vendor with interesting jewelry and fell in love with one particular ring. Typical of my usual conservative nature I decided to sleep on it and make my decision the following day, My last day in Thailand. I thought about the ring all day and all evening. I knew early in the evening that I would go back and buy the ring. I tried that night and, much to my disappointment the vendor had gone home. I would have to wait until the next day. The next day, I walked down the street in anticipation of seeing the ring again. I rounded the corner only to find that the vendor had not returned that day.

I returned home with the ring in my mind's eye and recreated the image for myself. The ring and the process have given me such great pleasure that I continue to add to the collection. The designs remind me of elements of the overwhelming energy and intense visual feasts of the cities of Thailand. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do.

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